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Amchi Culture

Books chronicling that which makes Chitrapur Saraswats what they are

COVER Konkani Self taught.jpg

Konkani Self Taught

Author: Deorai Baindoor Aiyagal

Published by The Konkan Cultural Associaiton in 1968, Bombay

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COVER Porni Konkani Sahitya Krityo.jpg

Porne Konkani Sahitya Krithyo

Author: Surkund Annaji Rao

Published by Basti Prakashan, Bantwal in 2007

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COVER Ta Ta Tingana.jpg

Ta Ta Tingana

Compiled and Edited by Santoshkumar Gulvady

Published by Basti Vaman Shenoy of Basti Publications,  Bantwal and released at the first Konkani Vishwa Sammelan (World Konkani Convention) in Mangalore, December 1995

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Konkani Proverbs, Riddles, Lullabies and Nursery Songs

COVER Konkani Proverbs.jpg

Author: S S Talmaki

Year of Print: 1991, Bombay

A perennial Aamchi favourite, and a true labour of love by Sh. SS Talmaki, "Konkani Proverbs, Riddles, Lullabies and Nursery Songs". In this age of instant sound bytes, these are themes that have long disappeared from our awareness. We hope this digital avataar will, to a tangible extent, help revive our old culture, and nostalgic values of life that went with it.

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COVER Pashu-Puraan.jpg

Author: Dr Gopal S Hattiangdi

Year of Print: 1967, Bombay

Pashu-Puraan is a fascinating take on animals and birds that inhabit our folklore, and shows the close relationship between Man and Nature, a relationship that is under great threat in the 21st century tragically due to Man's predation. The relationship with Man and Animal in Pashu-Puraan is, however, very different.

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Directory of Chitrapur Saraswat Musicians & Dancers

COVER Directory of.jpg

Compiled by: Smt. Lalith J Rao, Sh. Gourang Kodical, Sh. N Jayavanth Rao

Published By: KSA - Kala Vibhag, 2006, Mumbai. 

The Directory features over 400 thumbnail sketches of the careers of musicians and dancers in the community. It has been painstakingly compiled by (the late) Pt. Gourang Kodical, Vidushi Lalit J. Rao, both noted and gifted musicians, and the latter's husband, N. Jayavanth Rao, a commentator and connoisseur of music. The community is indebted to them and to the Managing Committee of the KSA for creating a database on which the future can build.

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Community and Communion

COVER Community & Communion.jpg

Author: Kilpady Guru Dutt

Bangalore, 1972

K.Gurudutt, a  former member of the Indian Admn. Service (Karnataka), a noted speaker and writer, also served as President of the Standing Committee of Shri Chitrapur Math in the late `50s. In this book, in the space of four chapters, he takes a holistic view of Indian social and community scenario, the concept of Dharma with its concomitant ideals and values. The last chapter focuses on the Saraswat Outlook, with its language, its own institutions and aspects of Faith embodied by the Math through both spiritual and social welfare.

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