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Soul Mantras

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Lyrical Wisdom of Shankaracharya

Author: Dr. Gopal Hattiangdi

Year of print: 1970, Bombay

"Lyrical Wisdom of Shankaracharya" examines the lifetime achievements (compressed into a span of just 32 years) of this phenomenal yogi-teacher-philosopher through 9 stotras and 12 Mahavakyas (sacred utterances) written by him. Selected and translated into English by Dr. Gopal Hattiangdi, the contents of this 63 page volume will surely act as a beacon to Self Realization, and add to our value system.

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Chitrapur Padyavali

Author : Ved. Shukl Lakshman Bhat

"Devoted deeply to the Master’s lotus-feet, Become liberated from this transient world. Only by controlling the senses and the mind, Will you behold the Divinity seated in your heart."

 Chitrapur Saraswats have always laid great emphasis on songs for sacred events and daily prayers. Nowhere is this more evident than in the compilation of the "Chitrapur Padyavali" by the doyen of the Community Vaidiks, Shukl Lakshman Bhat ji (1902-1964 CE). Gifted with a powerful voice, Bhat ji had also cut several 78 rpm discs with "Shankara Narayana" and other iconic hymns in the 1940s. In the Padyavali, all favourite bhajans that Aamchis grew up with, and still sing, are put together, each with the appropriate raga.

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Excerpts from the Upadesh of
H. H. Srimad Keshavashram Swamiji

Author: K. Shanker Rao

Year of print: 1970

Sh. K. Shanker Rao has done an invaluable service to the community by drawing on a (possibly) handwritten Kannada manuscript of HH Pandurangashram Swamiji "The History of Saraswat Brahmans, the Guru Parampara and Sri Chitrapur Math", and extracting selections pertaining to the practice of Dharma and Gayatri Upasana from the "Upadesha" given by HH Keshavashrama Swamiji (1785-1823 CE),and rendered their free translations into English.

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A Riddle Unravelled

Dr. Gopal S. Hattiangdi

Mumbai, 2002

The subject of this pocketbook is a long Hymn from the Rgveda, authored by sage Dirghatamas. Translated by Dr Hattiangdi, the sage emerges as an “observer of the natural world and recorder of its manifest rhythms, embodying both science and poetry” (Ranjit Hoskote in his foreword to the book). 

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Dr. Gopal S. Hattiangdi

1967, Mumbai 

“A simple little book, in the form of a catechism on Gayatri, devoid of clichés and cumbersome explanations ... useful to the modern man” Says the Author.

Speaking in 1947, HH Anandashram Swamiji had said "Our young men of today will be responsible for the future welfare of the community. To equip yourself properly for this task, you need to develop both your body and your mind... meditating on the Supreme Lord and reciting the Gayatri mantra will ensure both worldly success and spiritual progress.”

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Perennial Philosophy

Selected and translated by Dr Gopal S. Hattiangdi, 1995

Through the mists of Time, the perennial philosophy of the Chronicle of our Gurus - The Shri Chitrapur Guru Parampara Charitra - has been the Upadesha given by our Gurus to the laity. Based on this seminal chronicle composed by Sant Umabai Arur, running to some 6000 verses/psalms, Dr.Hattiangdi presents a selection of 86 illuminating verses, and translates them into English. For HH Anandashram Swamiji, the Ninth Guru, the author has, in his own words, attempted "a more realistic picture" by composing 24 verses based on the hallowed Swamiji`s thoughts. 

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By Dr. Gopal S Hattiangdi

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