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Umabai Kundapur
Diamond Jubilee Souvenir


With the digitization of "Umabai Kundapur: Diamond Jubilee Souvenir" originally brought out by the Bhagini Mandal, Hubli in 1952, we mark another catalyzing step in chronicling the annals of the Chitrapur Saraswat community on this website.

Freedom fighter, Congress volunteer in the Civil Disobedience Movement, activist with All India Women's Conference (the pioneering pan-India body of its kind) and a social emancipator who worked for women's welfare all her life, Smt Umabai Kundapur was a role model for her times. To use a well known phrase, 'her life was her message'.

She lived in stirring times, and in her own way, helped create them. This book of short essays, in different languages, views her lifetime achievements through the eyes of her admiring peers, many of whom were giants of India's Freedom Movement. Today, when we all breathe the air of a "Swatantra Bharat" (with all its warts), let us recall with reverence, those who (to use another well known phrase) 'gave Their Todays for our Tomorrows.'

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