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The Sadanand Bhatkal Centenary Special pays homage to an eminent publisher and “book industrialist” (perhaps the first and only one in our community so far), who was also a social leader, philanthropist and an author - a well-rounded intellectual with both feet firmly planted on the ground.


Shri Sadanand G Bhatkal was an “activist” not only in the field of book publishing and all that had to do with the book world, but also intensely involved with the society and community around him. He and his wife, Smt. Nirmala Bhatkal, in a partnership of over six decades, worked in tandem to move the several worlds they were responsible for, leaving a lasting impact on all those who met or interacted with them. In the span of a lifetime, the Bhatkals carried through activities with an ease and grace that was the admiration of their numerous collaborators, contemporaries and colleagues. considers it a privilege to carry articles, digitised books and photographs in a Feature to mark the Birth Centenary of Shri Sadanand Ganpatrao Bhatkal.


The Karnataka Press Saga

By Sadanand Bhatkal

Popular Prakashan Pvt Ltd, 2009, Mumbai

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The Popular Story

Published by Sadanand Bhatkal for G. R. Bhatkal Foundation, 2005

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