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Pandurang, Pandurang

Author: Dr Gopal S Hattiangdi , Bombay, 1965

HH Pandurangashram Swamiji was the eighth in the line of succession in a distinguished lineage (Guruparampara) of spiritual leaders at Shri Chitrapur Math, Shirali (North Karnataka). He assumed leadership of the community at a critical juncture in British India (1860s) when the Industrial Revolution touched the country, as did the camera, the railway, telegraph lines, the textile industry and English education - all of which changed socio economic perspectives, and impacted the tiny Chitrapur Saraswat community as they migrated from rural confines to urban centres. In these times of rapid change, Panduragashram Swamiji was a spiritual and social anchor for a record 52 years.

​​​In a span of 140 pages (with vintage b/w photos) the biographer profiles the Swamiji as an institution builder, religious preceptor and administrator. With extensive travels (He was the first Guru to undertake the Tristhali Yatra in the North, 1887), pravachans, writings, He gave a defining profile to the community, and set the stage for change.

“Pandurang,Pandurang” is a thought provoking read for not only those wanting to know more about this magnetic personality, but also seeking a glimpse of the socio economic milieu of the community in which He worked, and on which He left a mark.

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